Lay-by Payment Options


Welcome to the lay-by page of Brisbane Hunting Supplies’ website. To improve your shopping experience, we are now offering lay-bys as an additional payment option. To arrange your lay-by, please email us on:

If you place an order on lay-by, please read the following lay-by Terms and Conditions. To the extent that there is any inconsistency between our General Terms and Conditions and these Lay-by Terms and Conditions, these Lay-by Terms shall prevail.


The lay-by period is for a maximum of four weeks.

A deposit must be a minimum of 30% of the total purchase value.

The minimum lay-by sale is $100.

All prices are final upon placement of your order and no discounts are applicable to all existing lay-by orders.

Your order will be delivered to your shipping address within 7 business days from final payment date (Final Payment Date) set out in the Tax Invoice email sent to you upon confirmation of your lay-by order, upon condition that the final payment has been made by you by the Final Payment Date, unless otherwise specified.


Lay-by installment payments may be made by way of internet bank transfer into an account nominated by Brisbane Hunting Supplies or by way of credit card.

An automatic email will be sent on a weekly basis to your stated email address to ensure that you do not forget about your order. Please check your spam/junk folder in case the emails are filtered through. Please note that Brisbane Hunting Supplies is not liable for any emails not received by your stated email address. A receipt will be sent to your stated email address within two business days after each payment has been received by Brisbane Hunting Supplies.


The cancellation charge on a lay-by is 20% of the total purchase price. There are no returns or exchanges on lay-by items with the exception of faulty goods or if required by law.

You or the site has the right to cancel a lay-by. Please email us on if you wish to cancel your order at any time before the Final Payment Date.

If you cancel the lay-by within three weeks, you have the right to a refund of payments made, less the cancellation charge.

If the site cancels the lay-by within three weeks, you will be given seven days notice and will be entitled to a full refund of all payments made.

The cancellation charge is applied to compensate the site’s selling, storage, and administrative costs.


You will be contacted for all lay-bys that are not completed by the Final Payment Date. After the Final Payment Date, the lay-by will be automatically canceled and you will be given a refund for your payments made, less the cancellation charge.