PetFlex Glitter Cohesive Bandage - 4 Pack

Add some sparkle to your pet's look with these fun eye-catching
Glitter bandages!

PetFlex is a flexible, cohesive bandage with quick and easy application.

PetFlex is a cohesive bandage that is stronger than Vetrap. Unlike Vetrap, PetFlex has an easy, straight, hand-tear. PetFlex provides consistent compression and will not constrict down.


* Made from elasticated fabric, these bandages readily tear by hand

* Strong and durable

* Non-tightening, resistant to water and sweat

* Reverse-wound for the Australian style of bandaging - the pattern ends up on the outside of the bandage

* Easily used as a third layer

* Non-toxic and safe

* Length 4.5m

* Glitter particles are woven into the fabric and won't shed sparkles



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