Alpha 100 & TT15 Tracking & Training Combo

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The New Garmin TT15 add – A – Dog GPS Dog Collar allows you to add an extra dog tracking and training collar to the Garmin ALPHA Dog Tracking system. This collar allows you to track and train a dog up to 7 km’s range. The Garmin ALPHA Dog Tracker handheld device is expandable to track (T5 Collars) / track & train (TT15 Collars) up to 20 dogs. These collars are fully waterproof and rechargeable with 4 hours fast charge as well as user easy replaceable battery.

Extended Range Antenna

Rescue Mode
You can manually activate the Rescue Mode of the T5 collar, within the Rescue Mode, the collar’s update rate will drop to every 2 minute to ping the ALPHA handheld to extend the battery life. The Rescue Mode stays on until you turn it off. This mode will be activated automatically when the battery of the collar drops to 25%, it gives the maximum amount of hours to find a lost dog.

Collar operating hours in relation to the Ping Update Rate:

  • 25 hours with 5 second update rate
  • 35 hours with 10 second update rate
  • 40 hours with 30 second update rate
  • 52 hours with 120 second update rate

Train Your Dogs
The Garmin TT15 collar has 4 stimulation modes (continuous, momentary, tone and vibration) and total 18 levels of output in static correction.

Beacon light
The Garmin TT15 collar has a built-in remote operated beacon light. It helps pig hunters locate their dogs at night or in low light condition. It also helps to warn drivers if the dog wanders near the road. The beacon light is visible for up to 90 metres.