HIKMICRO Falcon Fq35 Thermal Monocular

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HikMicro Falcon FQ35 Thermal Imaging Monocular

The HIKMICRO Falcon FQ35 Hand Held Thermal Imager is equipped with a 640×512 12 micron thermal sensor with sub 20mk NETD sensitivity to deliver incredible performance even in harsh weather conditions. It not only can detect objects up to 1800m, but also has a wide 22 x 17.6 degrees field of view making it more efficient for quick scanning. The Falcon series features the Image Pro mode where it boosts the detail in the image both for animals and background, allowing for a better recognition and identification.


  • 640×512 resolution with 12 micron sensor, impressive detail recognition
  • NETD<20mK high sensitivity thermal module
  • Super large aperture f/0.9 lens, 19% improvement
  • Image Pro, enhanced self-developed image processing algorithm
  • Ergonomic cylindrical shape design for better operation experience
  • Perfect component design for intuitive operation and ease-to-use
  • Robust magnesium housing and lens coating material for long-time use
  • Replaceable and rechargeable high capacity battery
  • Detection range up to 1800m and very large field of view up to 22m@100m
  • Digital zoom up to 8x
  • Full colour 1024×768 HD OLED display
  • Hot tracking mode
  • Photo/video recorder with 64gb built-in memory
  • 4-courler palettes
  • HikMicro Sight App


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