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  • Wolf Eyes Dingo Headlamp | Brisbane Hunting Supplies | Hunting Supplies
  • Wolf Eyes Dingo Headlamp | Brisbane Hunting Supplies | Hunting Supplie
  • Wolf Eyes Dingo Headlamp | Brisbane Hunting Supplies | Hunting Supplie

Wolfeyes - Dingo LED Rechargeable Headlamp

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The Dingo headlamp is supplied with two different lenses to give you three choices of beams from your Dingo headlamp. There is a long distance tele lens perfect for hunting, it provides a spot to highlight wild dogs or foxes into the distance. This lens is adjustable by sliding from spot to a flood from 11to 50o.

Also in the kit is a wide angle lens, this produces a very broad spot out to shorter distances, say 50 metres, perfect for someone tasked with supervising a storage yard, emergency services or for chasing bunnies. Again this lens can also be adjusted by sliding, from 50oto 76o.  Due to an innovative glass cover over the LED which makes it splashproof, the Dingo headlamp can also be used in No Lens mode at. This provides a very, very even light over about 160with no spot. On high beam this is like daylight out to about 5 metres, on the different levels perfect for close work or tasks like eating, medical emergencies, reading, etc. A fabulous mode for those who do close work.

All the controls for the headlamp are on the front of the Dingo, for easy access and positive control. There are 4 levels (High, Medium, MediumLow, Low) and strobe, all easily accessed by twisting the front bezel. The bezel can also be slid forward and back to control focus of the two lenses. The headlamp bezel can also be tilted easily by the user. Every controls is in front for safety and moreξ control by the user.

The Dingo Headlamp utilises the very light and powerful Wolf Eyes LRB168A rechargable battery ( it can also use 2 x CR123 non rechargeable batteries). As with all Wolf Eyes products this headlamp is regulated, so the light doesn't fade when in use. This headlamp will be able to use your existing batteries from almost all Wolf Eyes flashlights, or vica versa. Due to the power of the battery, only one is required, making for a lighter and more manueverable battery pack. Operating voltage 2.7V to 6V. 

The Wolf Eyes rechargeable battery provides 150 minutes of runtime on High, 295 minutes on Medium, 17 hours on Medium Low and 136 hours on Low.

The front bezel is constructed of aircraft grade aluminium with cooling fins built in so you don't overheat your LED (if an LED is overheated it has a permanently reduced output). The Dingo headtorch utilises a 800 lumen LED with 500 lumens out the front. 

There is a large control knob at the rear with positive and broad clicks built in at each level, suitable to be used with gloved hands. You can also slide this bezel forward to adjust the flood and spot of either of the two supplied lenses. This bezel is attached by an adjustable bracket to an insulated pad, which connects the adjustable, elasticised headband and top strap. At the rear, to keep things evenly balanced, is the very light single battery holder.

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