"Garmin BirdsEye Satellite Imagery features:

  • High-Resolution Sub-Meter Colour Satellite Imagery
  • Captures the world in brilliant clarity and detail.
  • Transfer high-resolution satellite imagery to your compatible Garmin handheld GPS, to get a true representation of your surroundings.
  • Using BaseCampŠ? software and Garmin BirdsEye subscription, you can download and transfer an unlimited amount of satellite images to your compatible Garmin GPS, and seamlessly integrate those images into your Handheld's Maps, whenever you need them.
  • Allows Travelers To View Tourist Hot Spots & Landmarks From An Aerial View
  • To make excursions memorable without getting lost.
  • Using this imagery, you can find trails/trailheads and clearings for camping areas, geocachers can determine the terrain type around a cache and identify parking areas close to the caches, and travelers can view tourist hot spots and landmarks from an aerial view - to make excursions memorable without getting lost.
  • Layer Vector Maps (Like Garmin City Navigator or Topo Australia)
  • City Navigator and Garmin Topo Australia products show transparently over the top of the BirdsEye imagery.
  • You can layer vector maps (such as City Navigator, Garmin Topo Australia, GPS TopoPLUS AU 5m), to give you a real-life view of roads, buildings and terrain.
  • Load An Unlimited Amount Of Imagery To Your Compatible GPS
  • This yearly subscription allows you to keep anything you've downloaded indefinitely.
  • This license allows you to load unlimited amounts of worldwide imagery to your chosen compatible Garmin device for one year. After the one year license expires, you can continue using any imagery that is currently on your Garmin GPS, but cannot download any new imagery to your device without paying for a new license.





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