Bryce and Matty have reunited the original Hogs Dogs Quads team and head on an epic Cape York adventure. Watch the first two days of action as the dogs monster close to 20 boars per day, hunting from the barge.

Craig Logan and Drago, the local Gulf boys, have been smashing some cracking boars and get to some untouched locations.

Matty meets up with local Darwin legend, Phil Battye, and his ripper team of Arabs and they get into some good Territory pigs. Phil's dogs are awesome to watch in action.

Greg, from HD Hunting Supplies, takes Matty out to some NT flood plains and they get stuck into some tough stinkers.

Tahni Cribb, who is new to the Gulf area, is racking up more numbers than most people dream of. Watch Tahni and his cracker dog, Mandy, rip into some tough hogs.?

Hogs Dogs Quads 5 also includes a shooting section with Bryce's new bailing dog, Jesse and Matty takes us on a geese shooting adventure.

Hogs Dogs Quads 5 is jam packed with some awesome hit ups and plenty of tough top end boars.

Don't forget - if you're not heading north, you're heading nowhere!



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