Mag Force - Magnetic Spotlight and GoPro Stand. The base of the MagForce is made of neodymium rare earth magnet, covered with a rubber film to protect vehicles from being scratched or damaged. The shaft is supported by a tension controlled swivelling ball joint, where two size threads are included- one thread size for spotlights and the other for cameras and Go Pros.

The MagForce threads will screw into most spotlight base threads. If you own a Powa Beam, a threaded handle may be purchased separately.

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
  • 2 thread sizes for spotlights and GoPros
  • Rare Earth Magnets
  • Rubber coated base eliminates scratching of vehicles

Directions for Use:


The MagForce is not suitable to leave magnetized on the vehicle while driving if left unattended. It is designed for more of a convenience when placing of the spot light on the roof of the ute is required.

  • Pivots and revolves 360 degrees
  • Utilized as a work light
  • Ideal for the one spot lighter to wield from the back of the ute
  • Easy to re-adjust positions


The MagForce's magnet is strong enough for a GoPro to sit unattended on a bonnet, roof, side doors and tailgates of vehicles for the 4wd enthusiasts. This feature can also be utilized for the hunter to capture his shooting / hunting experiences while on the go.

WARNING: Eagleye Hunting Gear will not be responsible for careless actions, whereas a devise is damaged due to lack of product testing, trialling and knowing your MagForce's limits is highly recommended.



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