6" Inside Jaw Spread

 6, 1/2" Outside Jaw Spread

 1/4" Offset Jaw

 Heavy Duty 1/4 main frame & 1/4 cross frame

 2 heavy duty swivels

 Heavy Duty 5mm Chain

 2, 1/4 x 4" Pan (made from 1/8" steel)

This trap is a dog-less design, which has a nite latch for superior trap firing.  Jaws are bolted in and have 1/4 cleanouts at the bottom.  Both jaws & levers have been heat-treated for superior lockup.

Brass washers on the pan post for precise pan movement. 3/8' bolts make changing springs easy.  They come with #3 Music Wire Springs.

Ready to GO! 


 only available to Qld and WA customers


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Brand Brisbane Hunting Supplies