The Silva Fox Whistle designed with dual note. The 1st a crisp whistle and the 2nd has a harsh raspyness to it. Both individually attract foxes and a range of other species.


It is made of high grade stainless steel - it leaves no taste or residue in your mouth, will not rust and if accidentally sat on it will not easily distort. Unlike other materials which may crack and break after repeated reshaping, these whistles will look and perform like new for years.


Design also enables the whistle to be blown softly in heavy undergrowth blackberries etc. Or with a little extra effort the note can travel up to 2 kms. I have whistled foxes from over 1 km in lightly timbered country.


These whistles have been constructed so that one day they may become a shooters heirloom. Hence the quality, material and protective display case.


NOTE: If you have not used this type of whistle before, we strongly recommend you also purchase the instructional DVD which has lots of great tips and demonstrations.




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