The New WTS #5 Dogless Trap. The WTS traps are our new favourites (not just because they are own). We have designed a stronger trap with a greater effective pan area so you get more catches. This #5 model has the largest effective pan area out of all of our traps. It has a thicker/stronger pan that sits over the jaw when set - no more getting a bent dog (latch). This dogless pan maximises the pan target area. By moving the pan hinge all the way to the back of the trap more of the pan area is now useful target area. On most other trap models the hinge side of the pan needs a lot of pressure to be activated. Moving the pan hinge all the way to the back creates more leverage in the back of the pan effectively increasing the target area. (There is still a variance of pan tension between the front and back of the pan but is has been greatly reduced). It all equals more dogs and less non-targets.

This is the steel offset laminated jaw model (not rubber jaw).  What is offset? Offset jaws mean the jaws do not touch they have a gap when closed. In the WTS #5 they have a 1/4 inch gap. What is laminated? Lamination strips (steel strips) are welded onto the jaws to make them thicker. Why use offset laminated jaws? Offset laminated jaws have been proven to be more humane than standard steel jaw traps. By thickening the jaw and offseting them the impact pressure of the trap on the animals foot is much reduced while still providing the same holding ability. 

The chain consists of 3 swivels, chain, and an x-strong shock spring. These traps are ready to go out of the box. A good extra option is to have a double stake ring added to the end of the chain if you like using stakes. The jaws are offset 1/4 inch and laminated with a strip of steel to reduce closing impact pressure.

95 x 75mm pan. 181 x 178mm inside jaw spread. Outside jaw spread 203 x 187mm.

Steel jawed - so only available to Qld and WA customers due to state legislation. If you are in another state check out the WTS #5 Rubber Jaw model. Rubber does not mean they wont hold as well.


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