Pig Hunting Supplies Team in Brisbane 

At Brisbane Hunting Supplies, we’re a team of pig hunting experts who do what we can to equip you with the supplies you need to be successful on your next hunt. 


Our History 

We are a family owned and operated business, with Adrian and Rachel De Pauw being the team in charge. They bring a lifetime of pig hunting experience to the business. Adrian grew up on a dairy farm with a family of keen hunters and fishermen. It was a natural progression that saw pig hunting become Adrian’s favourite passion and pastime. Adrian’s hunting passion now includes his wife Rachel, and his kids who often go on hunting adventures locally, up North, or out West. 


Why We Started Our Business 

Adrian dislikes the damage that feral pigs have on the environment and crops, and he finds it very satisfying to be able to do something to help Australian farmers as well as the environment by culling these feral animals. After finding there was no pig dog supplies store in Brisbane back in 2014, he and his wife opened Brisbane Hunting Supplies in 2015 to look after hunters and their dogs. 


Our Aim 

At Brisbane Hunting Supplies, we know the importance of a good quality pig dog supply and accessory store. We want to be your one-stop shop for supplies and advice in Brisbane.