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Australia’s favourite lighted nock is back!

New design, New functionality, New performance.

Light-up or LED nocks are an incredibly useful tool, not only for hunters but archers in general.

Ultra bright light makes it virtually impossible to lose your arrow again!

The Firefly breakthrough design allows you to activate the light on release of the bow string, so that you can remain stealthy for as long as possible.

To turn off, simply use the tool included with each pack by inserting into the hole on the side of the nock and pushing the switch gently upwards.

Lighted Nocks are also useful for checking for arrow kicks while shooting, alerting you to any tuning problem your bow may have.

Bring some excitement to your set up, and try the Firefly lighted nock today!

*Arrows not included – Carbon Blackout Camo pictured


Beware of cheap imitations – Apex Firefly Lighted Nocks are made with premium batteries and LEDs imported from the USA.

Many lighted nocks on the market have a flimsy construction and are prone to damage both to the housing and device – this can cause problems while firing your bow similar to a dry fire. Cheaper versions also rust easily.


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