BHS Bum Bag with Ultimate Medical Kit & Belt




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BHS Bum Bag with Ultimate Medical Kit with Belt 

Belt Size

Medium 25-45 inches

Large 30-55 inches

Includes:1 x Heavy Duty Vinyl Bum Bag
1 x Staple Gun
1 x Staple Remover
4 x Sodium Soltuion Rinse
1 x Kwik Stop
1 x Razor
3 x Tampon
3 x Gauge Sponge
2 x Suture Kit
1 x Energel
1 x Cetrigen Pump Spray (purple)
1 x Scissors 11.5cm Straight.
1 x Adson Tissue Forceps Fine with Teeth 1:2 
1 x Webster Needle Holder Smooth Jaw 12.5cm. 
1 x Scalpel No 12 (Stitch Cutter Blade)

1 x Betadine Antiseptic Solution

Belt Size