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The Apex Cherokee is easily one of the best fixed blade broadheads available.

Accurate, durable, easy to sharpen and amazing penetration.

Take a look at some of the features of this broadhead and find out why bowhunters are making the swap to the Cherokee;

Adjustable Weight Collar

Out of the packet, the Cherokee broadheads weigh in at 125gn. For some, this is the ideal weight for hunting big game at close range. But if you are already running a super heavy arrow and want to shave off a bit, the stainless steel weight collar can simply be unscrewed leaving you with 100gn.

Precision Engineering

CNC machined 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminium ferrule gives the Cherokee perfect weight distribution. Each broadhead is guaranteed to be identical to the rest.

Razor Sharp Blades

The blades on the Cherokee broadhead are Stainless Steel 420J2, Teflon coated. They are ultra easy to sharpen and keep their edge for an extremely long time. The double bevel design rends into the target creating a larger cut than the size of the blade itself.

The Cherokee features two low profile offset bleeder blades to increase your stopping power. Huge cross cuts will drop the largest of game before they know what hit them.

Aerodynamic Shape

Out of every fixed blade broadhead brought into our store, the Cherokee stands out as an incredibly accurate addition to the family. The bevelled blades and cut outs promote airflow around the head, which allows your arrow to steer with the vanes like a normal target tip. This is an unprecedented feat for a large fixed blade.

All blades are spin tested to perfection, ensuring maximum effectiveness straight out of the packet.


Weight: 100 grains + 25 grain removable collar

0.051 inch blade thickness

1.84 inch cutting diameter

0.63 inch side cutting diameter