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Do you want to step your game up while saving money? The Gorilla is packed with features you would expect from top end compound bows, yet it sits in a more affordable price range than most “entry level” setups. This isn’t a starter bow; this is a do-archery-properly bow.

There is some varience of string/cable colour in our current batch, green and red; if you have a preference, please let us know before we ship your bow. Orders with no preferences will be chosen randomly. 

We wouldn’t just throw comments around like that and leave you hanging, so here is the breakdown of the most unique features and why they are what every archer wants;

  • Gorilla Cage Riser – The world’s first “budget” compound bow to feature a riser cage. The opening at the top of the bow handle both sheds weight and disperses vibration. This feature is normally exclusive to bows well over $1000 but with new manufacturing techniques we can bring the Gorilla Cage to you for much less without sacrificing anything. The Cage riser differs between camo and black colour options due to differences in the finishing process.
  • Gorilla Grip – Our first hard moulded grip is perfectly contoured to fit your hand and makes this our most comfortable to hold bow to date.
  • Gorilla Dual Cam System – Double yoke cables let you tune to perfection while the large flat cable stops on the module provide an easy holding weight that can be pulled against nicely for consistent shooting.
  • Backbone Limb Dampeners – Installed shock absorbers reduce overall vibration output.

If you’re scratching your head at this list or don’t care for features, you probably just want to know if this bow is right for you. If you’re an adult or older teenager, it is.

As far as compound bows go the Gorilla is one of the most adjustable you can get, giving you 30 to 70lbs draw weight and 19 to 31 inch draw length. The 30lbs draw weight is achievable at the lowest draw length setting and by winding the limb bolts out 4 full turns. While the 70lbs max draw weight can be used at 31 inch draw length and the limbs maxed out too. What this means is the bow scales with you; if you’re a bigger archer at 30-31 inch draw length the bow can be set anywhere between roughly 50lbs and 70lbs, while shorter draw archers can make use of the lower draw weight settings.

You are viewing the PRO Series, which is a step up from the RTS kit. The accessories in the PRO are higher quality than the RTS, and is designed for archers with a slightly bigger budget, you will not need to upgrade the accessories as quick as you would with the RTS. It includes the following accessories;

  • Booster PRO bow sight – Popular among hunters and 3D archers, the 5-pin sight lets you set 5 different distances and lock them in so that you are ready for any situation. The most popular configuration is to have the pins set at 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 meters or yards. The Booster PRO has tool free windage and elevation adjustment and is CNC machined aluminium, built to last.
  • Booster PRO arrow rest – Nock your arrow then simply pop it through the opening on the brush arrow rest and you are loaded, ready to fire. The brush holds and guides your arrow during draw cycle and shot for safety and accuracy.
  • Booster PRO Stabilizer – CNC machined stabilizer acts as a lightning rod for vibration and keeps you steady at full draw by adding weight where it’s needed most.
  • Wrist Sling – Correct archery form with a compound bow is to have a loose grip so that you do not torque the bow. Firing the bow properly can sometimes make it jump out of your hand and the wrist sling will ensure you never drop it.
  • 4 arrow Bow Quiver – Mount your arrows to your bow for hunting. Broadhead hood keeps your blades sharp and out of reach while dual grippers secure the arrow but allow for easy retrieval when needed.
  • Peep Sight – Tri-peep pre-installed lets you aim with your bow sight consistently. Aim through the peep sight and try to outline your sight each time and you’ll be grouping arrows in no time.
  • D-loop – Already tied on so that you can shoot this bow with a release aid.
  • Vortex string silencers – Installed on the string to reduce noise.
  • Release Aid – Always shoot the Gorilla using a release aid, not only is it more consistent, you will eliminate finger torque on the string which can prevent derailing.
  • Armguard – protect from string slap, because that hurts.
  • 3x Carbon Arrows – Spined and cut to suit the Gorilla, we’ve put 3 arrows in the box so you can get shooting right away.
  • IBO Rated speed – 300fps
  • Weight – 3.85lbs / 1.75kg
  • Axle to Axle – 30 Inches
  • Brace Height – 6.5 Inches
  • Let Off – 75%
  • Draw Weight – 30-70lbs
  • Draw Length – 19-31 Inches
  • Colours – Black and GC Camo


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