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InfiRay AFFO AL19– Thermal Monocular


The AFFO AL19 contains a crisp 19mm objective lens focusing the available thermal radiation. The field of view on this thermal monocular is 13.8 by 10.4 degrees. It features a 4 times digital zoom to enlarge your subject.

Behind the lens of the AFFO AL19 you can find the (uncooled, 12 micrometer) 384 x 288 pixels core refreshing the image at 50Hz. The thermal contrast (NETD) of this thermal monocular is <40mK.

The physical dimensions of this thermal monocular read 169 x 60 x 60mm (lwh) weighing in at 350 grams. This device is rated IP67. It handles dust, shocks, water (splashes) and submersion under water. It’s rated for operating in temperatures between -10°C and 50°C.

The AFFO AL19 can be used in scanning and surveillance and hunting adventures.



Compact Design

12µm Sensor

Up to 9.5 hours Battery Life

32GB Built-in Memory

HDMI Video Out

IP67 Protection


DRI Ranges

DRI stands for Detection, Recognition and Identification and is based on the widely used Johnson’s criteria.

Detection Detect if an object is present

Recognition See what type of object it is (i.e. person, vehicle, airplane)

Identification For example see if someone is a friend or foe


                 Detection   Recognition    Identification

Rabbit    285 meters    71 meters    35 meters

Person    1002 meters    250 meters    125 meters



Dimensions (l/w/h) 169 mm / 60 mm / 60 mm

Weight 350 g

Battery life 7.5 hours


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