InfiRay GL35R

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Magnification:2.81Recording:Video and Photo
Sensor Resolution:384×288Detection Range:1818m
Focal Length:F35 / 1.0Small Game:Short-Medium
Battery Life:7HBig Game:Medium


InfiRay GENI GL35R Thermal Sight – With Laser Range Finder (LRF)

The InfiRay GENI GL35R adopts the 12μm detector with 384×288 resolution, 35mm-focal-length objective lens, 1024×768 OLED display, and built-in laser range-finding module features a range of 10-1,000m with ±1 m accuracy when up to 1000m. It supports WIFI image transmission, electronic compass, motion sensor, up to 8 reticles, and other functions.

Highly Sensitive 12 μm Thermal Imaging Sensor
InfiRay GENI GL35R adopts the 12μm sensor with NETD ≤ 40mK ensures excellent detail recognition even in the hardest weather conditions when thermal contrast is low.
High Definition Image
New upgraded algorithm is adopted by the module of GENI GL35R which significantly improves the image uniformity, detail, contrast, and other effects.

New 1024×768 AMOLED Display
The GENI GL35R is equipped with 1024*768 HD AMOLED display, delivering crisp, rightly contrasted, vividly coloured field of view, greatly improving the viewing experience.

Ultra-Clear Mode
InfiRay’s unique ultra-clear mode is specially for harsh environment, that make Geni be more sensitive and get more details.

Built-in precise laser rangefinder(LRF)
Built-in laser range-finding module (LRF) features a range of 10-1,000m with ±1 m accuracy up to 1km. The integrated, precision laser rangefinder provides accurate range-finding in two modes – Single Time Measurement and Scanning mode. Scanning mode allows the shooter to adjust quickly to changing distances for better shot placement.

Eight Different Reticles
To satisfy different hunting requirements of users, 8 different reticles are designed for users to choose from.

Built-in Photo and Video Recorder with 32 Gb Memory
GENI GL35R is built with memory of 32GB which can support to store video and pictures. The wifi hotspot of the product supports simultaneous connection of four devices.
Up To 1000G High Shock Resistance
Recoil rated up to 6,000 joules for flawless performance on larger calibers up to .375H&H,12-gauge and 9.3×64.
7H Long Battery Life
It adopts the 26650 battery, the working time of a single GL35R reaches up to 7h.


Pixel Size, μm12
Frame Rate50Hz
Lens System35mm, F1.0
Optical Magnification2.81×
Field of view7.5°×5.7°
Display1024×768  OLED
Detection Range1818m


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