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The InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 adds new functions to the former TL35 such as an expandable (optional) Laser Ranging Finder to provide distance measurement, the upgraded OLED display and the built-in mic for audio recording.

Ultra-Precise Boosted by Accurate Distance Measurement
Bluetooth LRF Optional

InfiRay Tube TL35 V2  comes with an option of an expandable Laser Ranging Finder Function. InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 is able to provide the distance measurement on the screen when the LRF is connected to the device through Bluetooth, earning you more chances to win in every shooting

Stadiametric Rangefinding

InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 is equipped with the practical stadiametric rangefinding function to provide position reference for hunting. It will be automatically turned off once the bluetooth LRF is connected.

1024X768 AMOLED Display

InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 adopts a 1024X768 AMOLED display instead of a 1280×960 LCOS display of TL35. The imaging quality will be improved a lot for an AMOLED display will offer better layers and contrast.

Built-in microphone

InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 is equipped with a MIC function, therefore customers can record the voice too when recording.

12 µm Pixel Pitch

Featuring the self-researched, high-performance 12um detector, InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 is able to provides high quality and detailed images.

Ultra-clear Mode

Built-in ultra-clear mode is designed for bad weather conditions, such as heavy fog and rain. It will make the Tube series more sensitive and capable of providing more details.

Extreme Detection Range(Target size: 1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%)

Combining the extraordinary sensor and the powerful optics, InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 can achieve the detection range up to 1800m.

Sufficient Operation Time and Flexible Battery Choice

The working time of built-in battery is up to 12 hours, and the replaceable 18500 battery will provide an additional 3 hours of operation. 


InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 comes with 32GB of memory for storing 57,000 images or 48 hours of video. Captured videos and images can be easily transferred to your smartphone at lightning speed via app.

ModelTL 35 V2  
Detector Specifications
TypeUncooled Vox
Pixel size, μm12
NETD, mK≤40
Frame Rate, Hz50
Optical Specifications
Objective Lens, mm35
Field of View(H×V),°7.5×5.6
Linear Field of View(H×V),m at 100m13.1×9.9
Optical Magnification, ×3.0
Digital Zoom, ×1~4
Eye Relief, mm70
Exit pupil Diameter,mm6
Detection Range, m
(Target size: 1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%)
Display Specifications
Battery Power Supply
BatteryBuilt-in  battery/6600mAh +  replaceable 18500 battery/3.7V
Max. Operating Time (t=22ºC), h*15
External Power Supply5V (Type C)
Wi-Fi/APPSupport (InfiRay outdoor)
Photo/Video RecorderSupport
Operational Characteristics
Memory Capacity,GB32GB
IP ratingIP67
Operating Temperature, °C-20 ~ +50
Max. recoil power on rifled weapon (Eo),   Joules6000
Compatible mountsStandard 30 mm rings
Weight (without the 18500 battery), g<950
Dimension,mm385× 85 × 75


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