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The Wildcrete Guinea Fowl 3D Target is the distinctive life size 3D competitive and recreational target from Wildcrete.


Featuring 3 target zones, this Guinea Fowl 3D foam target is hand-painted for realism and composed of high quality self healing foam. Made to handle lots of arrows, this small target is very durable and is made with Wildcrete’s signature simulative foam formula.


The Guinea Fowl is part of Wildcrete’s characteristic African Game Series that features hand-painted lifelike interpretations of African Game. The Guinea Fowl of Africa are an ever moving animal, making them notoriously difficult to hunt. This life sized target is beautifully constructed with awesome detail.


This small target weighs in at 1.5kg and sits at 303mm tall, 236mm long with a 223mm width. BHS recommends this target to be used as a challenging mid range shot, sitting firmly on the ground this bird target features 2 broadside and 1 frontal universal scoring ring target zones. These rings make the Guinea Fowl 3D target perfect for competition shooting standards, therefore this target is not only great for hunting simulation buy also perfect for individual or club competitive practice. BHS recommends the use of target field tips as well as the use of lighter poundage setups to maximise the longevity of the target. To take care of your target, BHS recommends that when storing your purchase that it remains out of direct sunlight, kept dry and has all arrows removed after each shooting period.

The Guinea Fowl 3D target is a stunning take on common African Game, it’s hand painted for that hunting simulation you’re craving and scored with universal target rings for your next competitive shoot.



·      Weight – 1.5kg

·      Height – 303mm

·      Width – 223mm

·      Length – 236mm

·      Scoring Zones – 2x broadside shots – 1x frontal shot – Universal rings – Group 4 Target

·      Usage – 3D competition or recreational archery

·      One-piece construction

·      Self-standing
·      Made in South Africa

·      Recommended use with target tips

·      Hand painted; so each is unique and may differ slightly

·      High Density, self-healing foam