Dogtra YS600 Bark Control Collar – Large/Stubborn dogs

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The new Dogtra YS600 is a fully-waterproof (IPX 7) anti barking collar designed with mid to high-level output for large to very-large size stubborn barking dogs. The Dogtra YS600 features vibration plus 10 manual adjustable intensity stimulation settings that provide a wide range of output for any type of disposition, including even the most persistent barking dogs. The Dogtra YS600 bark control collar is rechargeable with the new 2 hours fast charge battery.

Operating Modes

Non-Stimulating High Performance Pager/Vibration (P)
The Dogtra YS600 will vibrate twice when the dog barks. It will not emit any static stimulation. The Pager is great for well trained and sensitive dogs while the dog knows vibration follows by static correction if the dog doesn’t stop barking.

Stimulation Intensity Levels (1-10)
The Dogtra YS600 will vibrate once prior to set static correction while the dog barks. This Self – Learning Vibration System that helps the dog to understand the association between vibration warning and static correction.

Testing Mode (T)
In the Testing Mode, the Dogtra YS600 bark control collar will only vibrate when it is activated. The bark detecting sensor will be in high sensitivity setting to activate the collar more easily for testing purpose.


The Dogtra YS600 anti barking collar integrates a vibration bark sensor to detect the barking. When the dog barks, the vibration from voice box triggers the sensor. So only the dog wearing the collar is able to activate it. The accelerometer bark sensor has self learning barking pattern of the barking dog, it is recommended to put the collar on charge first when attaching the collar to another barking dog. This recharging process could reset the bark sensor for a different barking dog.

The Persistent Bark Indicator

The Persistent Bark Indicator/LED light activates when the collar is turned off.

– Without excessive barking:

The LED will flash red for 2 seconds when the collar is turned off.

– With excessive barking:

The LED will flash green for 10 seconds when the unit is turned off. In this case, it could mean that the stimulation intensity level is set too low. This could also mean that the collar is not fitting on properly and need to make sure to the collar has a proper fit and both contact points are touching your dog’s neck.

Please note: Dogmaster Trainers does not recommend that the customer leave the static correction collar on the dog for more than 8 hours per day as this may cause ‘pressure necrosis’. Please also check your dog’s neck for irritation and wash neck each time after using the collar and clean the contact probes with alcohol every week.

What’s inside in the box:

1 x Dogtra YS600 Bark Control Collar

1 x A collar strap (fit max 60cm neck size)

1 x Dogtra 5V charger (AU standard)

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Pair of standard Dogtra contact Probes (to fit most of dogs)


Height: 45mm

Width: 80mm

Weight: 174 grams

Recommend Dog Breeds

The Dogtra YS600 is a most popular collar for dogs from 15kgs and the output range is suitable for medium to large stubborn dpgs.

Border Collie
Bull Arab
Rhodesian Ridgeback
and more


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